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  • Benefits of Walking After Meals

    Have you ever tried walking after meals? Walking after a meal is a great way to help your body digest food more efficiently. When you eat, your body releases insulin to help break down the food and convert it into energy. Walking after a meal can help your body use insulin more effectively, which can lower your blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Walking after a meal can also aid in weight loss. When you walk, you burn calories, and when you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. Walking after a meal can also help curb your appetite, as it reduces your cravings for sugary and fatty foods. In addition to these health ....

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  • Buddha Bowl

    Buddha Bowl

    Slice & Dice Sunday: The Buddha Bowl is a versatile, meal-prep-friendly dish that packs a punch of nutrition. It can even be topped off with the tasty homemade Tahini Power Sauce! https://healthystepsnutrition.com/healthy-recipes/buddha-bowl Ingredients 1.5 cups brown rice cooked 1 head broccoli chopped 2 medium sweet potatoes 1 tbsp olive oil 1/4 tsp sea salt 1/4 tsp paprika 1/4 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp garlic powder 1/2 cup frozen edamame 1/2 cup purple cabbage sliced thin 1 tbsp Tahini Power Sauce (see separate recipe) US Customary - Metric ....

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  • Benefits of High Protein Diet

    Benefits of High Protein Diet

    Benefits of A High Protein Diet Protein is an essential nutrient that plays many important roles in the body. It is a major component of cells, tissues, and organs, and it is necessary for the structure, function, and regulation of the body's tissues and organs. A high protein diet may have several potential benefits, including: Building and repairing tissues: Protein is essential for the repair and maintenance of tissues, such as muscles, skin, and hair. A high protein diet may help to support the repair and growth of tissues, especially after exercise or injury. Increasing muscle mass: Protein is important for the development and maintenance of muscle mass. A high ....

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  • Your Food Mood

    Your Food Mood

    Your Food Mood Rough week at work? Not feeling like your head is in the game? Feeling unmotivated? Have you ever considered how your food may be affecting your mood? What about how your unmanaged stress is holding you back from reaching your goals? You may be thinking, “how does the food I eat affect the mood I am in?!” Well, studies have shown that diets high in fruits and vegetables, modest in lean protein, and void of many processed sugars and foods is associated with a 25-35% lower risk of depression when compared to a typical “westernized diet”. Ever further research has shown us that a westernized diet as well as a diet high in ....

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  • Readiness to Change

    When people walk into Done Done Fitness they are looking for a change. Whether it be to live a healthier lifestyle, lose a little bit of weight, or enhance athletic performance. Well how ready are they actually willing to change? The different stages in the Transtheoretical Model will help identify their readiness to change and what cues work best to motivate. These strategies can assist new and existing clients to make the behavioral changes needed to live a healthier lifestyle. There are five stages of a person’s motivational readiness for change. These stages are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. A person in the first stage, precontemplation, ....

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  • Good Sugar VS Bad Sugar

    Good Sugar VS Bad Sugar

    Good Sugar Vs. Bad Sugar What is sugar? Sugar is often labeled as evil or something to be avoided at all costs, but sugar can actually be our friend. Sugar is a type of carbohydrate, the three types are sugar, starch, and fiber, but all contain sugar. In turn, carbohydrates are also something people seem to want to avoid. Before we dive in to sugar we need to remember that carbohydrates are not the enemy. Glucose, from carbohydrates, is the preferred source of energy in the body and used by the brain to function. Carbohydrates, like all the macronutrients, are something we need and probably shouldn’t avoid. So, what are the bad and good sugars? All ....

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  • Join Us For the Best Semi Private Personal Training in Middletown

    Welcome To Our New Website! We’re Proud To Serve Middletown with Semi Private Personal Training! At Done Done Fitness, we are working hard to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our doors. And you could be next! We are offering Middletown a hands-on approach to Semi Private Personal Training. And you don’t need any prior experience to succeed! Come visit us at Done Done Fitness and see for yourself what makes us the best Semi Private Personal Training facility in town. Just fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! And don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! ....

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