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Worried about that holiday weight gain? This is for you!

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Worried about that holiday weight gain? This is for you!

Worried about that holiday weight gain? This is for you!

Coach Megan


So you ate like an asshole in December and now you’re freaking out because the scale is up, you feel bloated and sluggish, and you’re feeling like you totally blew it. You’re not alone.


I get it! Like you, I hopped on the scale on January 1 and saw I was up about 6 pounds! Do you know how long it took me to LOSE 6 pounds? And my body had the audacity to put it all right back on in just 2 weeks. With the start of the new year and everyone and their mom looking for the magic “lose weight quick” solution, this is a recipe for a level 10 freak out moment. 

But in 2024, I’m not worried about it at all. Here’s why:

I know it’s MOSTLY inflammation and not actually body fat.

Don’t get me wrong. Inflammation can wreak havoc on your system if it goes unchecked. That’s why my normal habits contribute to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Unfortunately for me, I was knocked out of my normal routine more than I expected these last couple weeks. I also know I’m ALWAYS up at least a couple pounds during this time in my cycle. So I got a double whammy.

The old me would have wanted to get back on track or go “all in”. I would’ve restricted food groups and food portions significantly. I would have doubled up on workouts. Etc. 

But here’s what I know now: that all in or all out mentality does more harm than good. It actually contributes to more inflammation, hormone imbalances, fatigue, etc. it MIGHT result in some quick weight loss…but if you do it enough times, the weight gets harder and harder to shift. Sound familiar?

Here’s what I’m doing instead. Getting right back to my normal day to day habits:

  • Drinking my water

  • Meal prepping my food

  • Prioritizing protein

  • Sticking with my normal workout routine

  • Limiting caffeine

  • Managing my stress

  • Going to bed early

  • Etc. 

it’s not sexy. In fact, I’ll admit it’s kind of boring. But it works! I’ve already seen the scale shift a few pounds. And I know the rest will “come off” in another couple weeks at most as I reach the point in my cycle where I’m always at my lowest weight and the inflammation has subsided. You don’t have to change your whole life overnight. You don’t have to kill yourself in your workouts or restrict all your favorite foods. All you need are good, reliable, consistent habits that are supportive of the healthy lifestyle you want to live.

Cheers to not flipping out over the scale in 2024!

You can’t control what the scale does (or doesn’t do) all the time. But you CAN control your consistency. Stop letting the scale dictate your mood which dictates your actions and watch your whole life change this year.

If you want 2024 to be YOUR YEAR to finally stop this roller coaster ride of emotions around the scale and finally implement great habits that stick, take a look at this Habit Reset workshop from Coach Amelia! Check out her workshop here: https://youtu.be/I8TFKQtJVQ8 

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